Friday, May 29, 2015

Not a chicken fighting documentary

While Hong Kong is the main exporter of martial arts movies in Asia, many other countries in the region have long been producing entertaining B-Movies. The biggest success in the last decade was probably Thailand with the success of the excellent Ong-Bak (or Muay Thai Warrior) that made Tony Yaa a star. The movie i want to introduce today was directed by the stunt coordinator of that film and it shows.

Born to Fight

(And the prize for most generic cover goes to...)

The movie doesn't feature any well known stars and the plot is a bit like Die Hard, only extremly stupid. Our cop hero arrests a big bad guy and goes on vacation to a village. The henchman then attack the village and take hostages while trying to kill the cop. 
You don't watch a movie like this for the plot but for the action. If one hopes for a second Ong-Bak, this is not it (look at The Protector). Instead it features a bit of hand-to-hand combat and quite a bit of shooting and explosions. 

 (No Fair! .. this is not a kung fu movie?!)

What makes the film great is the insane stunt work that matches the most jaw-dropping and bone-breaking work of Jackie Chan. Wether it is a fight on two moving trucks or a motorcycle driver crashing head-on through a billboard, this movie is an homage to stunt teams everywhere.

(get off my truck!)

Don't let the lack of familiar names and faces stop you from watching this movie, it is one of those see it to believe it movies. 

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