Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Chinese dirty dozen

After Bruce and Jet Li/Lee, it's time to cover the great Jackie Chan - at least a bit. The movie i want to cover today is one of the wackiest and most entertaining B-Movies i know (and i know quite a few).

Fantasy Mission Force

(aka Mission Force or Dragon Attack among a dozen other titles) is a Jackie Chan film in the way that Game of Death II is a Bruce Lee film - he's in it alright, but only for short fight scenes and he's more of a side character. It almost seems like a Godfrey Ho movie, but he shares scenes with the rest of the cast. Our main heroes are a bunch of misfits and cutthroats that get recruited to rescue Allied Commanders from the Japanese / the Nazis - yes it is supposed to play during WW2.

(The other expendables)

While the costumes for the heroes are strange, they are almost tame compared to the enemies they have to overcome. On the way through the chinese backwaters (one almost expects them to run into a shaw bros movie by accident), our friends encounter all kinds of random plot scenes.
Amazons led by a chinese Hugh Hefner, Ghosts, random Kung Fu Tournaments and Nazis that look like Mad Max villains all make an appearance, sometimes interrupted by Jackie Chan kicking some ass. 

(Pocahontas'es attack!)

The movie is unbelievably silly and you never know what happens next, but it also boast an amusing cast and the action scenes are actually not that bad - a must see for fans of entertaining B-Movies.

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